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June Is the 25th Anniversary of National Safety Month

National Safety Month is a National Safety Council (NSC) program that is observed annually to help raise awareness about and promote workplace safety. This year is the 25th anniversary of National Safety Month, and with the U.S. seeing the highest number of workplace deaths since 2007, it’s more important than ever to increase safety awareness and prevent incidents...

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Everyday Carry: Streamlight's EDC Options

A person’s everyday carry items are what they carry with them daily to prepare for situations that may arise. It’s important to pick reliable and reusable items in order to provide maximum utility to the carrier. A good everyday carry (EDC) can be the difference between solving a problem quickly or wasting a big chunk of your day trying to sort it out. EDC is all about having the power to control...

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My Glock and Streamlight TLR-1 HL Became a Punch for Plexiglas

I found myself in a bad situation of needing a fire extinguisher to keep gas pumps from exploding from a car on fire. Since there was no breaker bar still attached to the chain, my Glock and Streamlight TLR-1 HL…

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My Streamlight Spent a Minnesota Fall, Winter, and Spring in the Yard

I have a whole slew of Streamlights that I've purchased over the years. Stylus penlights that I use for lightpainting in my photography; Stylus Pro, Stinger and Survivors that I used on the fire department for 26 years…

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