Streamlight Policy Regarding Inventor Submissions

As stated in STREAMLIGHTs Privacy Policy Statement, STREAMLIGHT cannot guarantee the privacy of any materials transmitted to it over the internet. Hence, anything transmitted to STREAMLIGHT via its website (e.g., feedback, product ideas, marketing ideas, comments, suggestions, and the like) shall be considered as non-confidential and non-proprietary. Furthermore, STREAMLIGHT shall be deemed authorized to disclose, publish, and exploit such information for any use or for any purpose without any obligation to the party making the submission, monetary or otherwise. That said, STREAMLIGHT does have a specific procedure for receiving and processing outside suggestions and ideas as provided for below.

As a leading manufacturer of flashlights and related equipment used in both the public and private sectors by retail customers, law enforcement, fire fighters, the military and others, many individuals submit ideas for our consideration. It is often our experience that many ideas submitted have previously been proposed, patented by STREAMLIGHT or others, or may be currently under development within STREAMLIGHT. We believe the U.S. patent law provides the best means to fairly and adequately protect not only STREAMLIGHTs interest regarding the unsolicited submission of ideas, but the submitters interests as well. Therefore, in order to avoid confusion or misunderstanding, STREAMLIGHT will not accept, review, evaluate, discuss or consider in any manner whatsoever, the submission of any idea for which a non-provisional utility and/or design patent has not been issued, absent the execution of Agreement disclaiming any duty of confidentiality. A sample of such an agreement is provided below. Please note that any such submission will not be shown, copied, distributed to, or provided in any manner whatsoever to STREAMLIGHT management, engineers, or other employees. John C. Gregory, Jr., STREAMLIGHTs General Counsel and Intellectual Property Manger, will contact you in writing should STREAMLIGHT chose to review your submission and provided you with an agreement regarding the terms and conditions pursuant to which STREAMLIGHT would agree to conduct such further review. No other STREAMLIGHT employee has the authority to receive or process submissions of this nature.

Download the sample agreement (Adobe Acrobat required)