How can I send a product in for service?
Which lights have to be sent to the Factory for Service?
How do I describe the problem when I request a repair?
Is it possible to get a repair estimate?
What is the status of my repair?
What is covered under warranty?
Can I get replacement parts?
Are there any repairs I can perform myself?
How do I change the lens on my Stinger?
Where is the spare bulb located in my Scorpion? How do I change it?


How do I choose the correct light for my application?
What is the difference between lumens and candela? Shouldn't I want the most lumens possible?
How do I convert Candlepower to Lumens?
Why would I want LEDs instead of Xenon lamps?
Is it possible to buy my products directly from Streamlight?
What applications would utilize a Safety Green LED lights?
What is the difference between Streamlight C4® LED Technology and basic LEDs?


What can I do to prevent the possibility of damaging my light with a swollen or leaky alkaline battery?
Can I use rechargeable CR123 batteries in any of the Streamlight flashlights?
What brand CR123 Lithium Batteries can I use with Streamlight flashlights?
Do I need to condition my lead-acid battery; drain it out and fully recharge it?
What is the part number for my battery? I found several numbers on the shrink-wrap.
Can the Streamlight Jr. Luxeon use batteries other than alkaline?
Is there any way to prevent the rechargeable NiCd battery from developing a memory?
How can I tell which model Survivor I have? Which model uses which battery?
Can I use rechargeable batteries with LED lights?


Can I use the same charge cord for different chargers?
The red light on my steady charger does not light. What could cause this?
What causes the red LED on the Strion charger to flicker?
Can I charge a Strion with my Stinger charger holder?
Does the SL20XP/LED take a different charger than the standard SL20XP? I have two new lights that I can't get to charge. Suggestions?
How can I tell when my flashlight is fully charged?
I have the steady charger. Will the fast charger shorten the life of my battery?

Product Specific

Can the Fire Vulcan® be field-modified to have a mode in which the main bulb is steadily lighted and the taillights flash?
Can I convert my SL-20, SL-20X, SL-20XP or SL-35X to an LED model?
What is the difference between the Titanium TT-3C UV and the Black TT-3C UV?
What is the difference between the different infrared (IR) models of TLR weapon-mounted lights?
Is the 4AA waterproof and suitable for recreational diving?
Can I mount a Stinger® on a weapon?
Is there a Stinger® HPL LED upgrade kit for the Stinger® LED?
Are there issues using Tactical Lights on Glock® Pistols?
How do I sight-in the laser on my TLR-2®?
Will the TLRs fit my gun?
I bought a Survivor® LED with an alkaline battery pack. Can I upgrade to a rechargeable battery?
I have a Twin-Task® that ran well for many hours. Recently the Xenon bulb stopped working but the LEDs still function. I have replaced the Xenon bulb but it still does not light. Do I need to send the flashlight for repair?
The lens on my flashlight appears to have been damaged by the heat from the bulb.
The color of the light from my LED flashlight looks different than the light from the same model flashlight when I shine them on the wall together. Is one LED defective?
I accidentally struck my Vulcan® against a fixed object and the bulb came out of the socket. Is there a way to keep this from occurring again?