Flashlight Applications and Beam Patterns

Having the right flashlight that meets your lighting needs is important. That's one of the reasons Streamlight developed three series of lights:

  • Tradition Series
  • High Lumen (HL) Series
  • High Performance, High Lumen (HPL) Series

Each series offers a different balance of features and can be used for a variety of applications.

In addition to the information on this page, Streamlight has an interactive, online beam demonstration to help you determine the right light for you.


We understand it can sometimes be difficult to determine which lights work best for a variety of applications. When choosing a flashlight, keep the following in mind:

  • Tradition Series: Meant for general, multi-purpose use, these lights are designed for the broadest range of lighting applications at the best value.
    Performance Characteristics
    • Optimal balance of candela and lumens
    • Longest regulated run times
    • The best value
    Typical Uses
    • Day-to-day industrial use
    • Law enforcement duty light
    • Maintaining vehicles
    • General contracting work
    Examples of Available Products
    • PolyStinger® LED
    • Stinger® LED/DS® LED
    • Strion® LED
    • TLR-1®/TLR-1®s
    • TLR-2®/TLR-2®s

  • High Lumen (HL): Gives you maximum illumination, providing full situational awareness by delivering extraordinary brightness in a wide beam pattern. These lights are ideal for smaller areas where you need a lot of light, but not an exceptionally long reach.
    Performance Characteristics
    • High-lumen beam
    • Delivers maximum illumination
    • Provides a good level of candela
    Typical Uses
    • Clearing a dark scene or searching an alley
    • Lighting a campsite
    • Vehicle stops or searches
    • Wherever you want wide scene illumination, while
      still being small enough to fit in your pocket
    Examples of Available Products
    • ProTac HL®/ProTac HL® 3/ProTac HL® 4
    • Stinger LED HL®/DS LED HL®
    • Strion LED HL®
    • TLR-1 HL®
    • TLR-2 HL®

  • High Performance, High Lumen (HPL): A good choice for down-range applications requiring optimal beam distance, as these flashlights throw light a long distance and feature an enhanced lumen output.
    Performance Characteristics
    • High-candela beam
    • Delivers long-range lighting
    • Sheds a bright peripheral beam
    • More light on your target at a distance
    Typical Uses
    • See all the way to the end of a dark alley or down
      a wooded path
    • Inspecting utility lines from the ground
    • Search and rescue missions
    • Down-range illumination
    Examples of Available Products
    • Stinger® HPL/DS® HPL
    • Strion® HPL
    • TLR-1 HPL®

Introducing Streamlight® Ultraviolet Flashlights.

Streamlight® Ultraviolet Flashlights: Ultra-Effective at Detecting Counterfeit Documents.

Streamlight has a number of ultraviolet (UV) flashlights that are essential tools in the fight against terrorism, fraud, and forgery. These powerful, reliable UV lights can help you detect counterfeit documents in a flash.

Finding the Fakes, Frauds, & Forgers.

As forgers and counterfeiters become more sophisticated, officials are finding ways to create fraudulent-resistant documents. One of the most effective methods is to imprint hidden ink that is extremely difficult to reproduce and is only detectable by using ultraviolet light.

Most states already incorporate such images in their driver's licenses. They are also used on credit cards, vehicle registration cards, currencies, checks, and other important documents.



When you shine a Streamlight UV flashlight on a document with hidden graphics, you'll see the "invisible" graphics. If no image appears, you will know instantly that the document is fraudulent.

An Important Forensic Tool.

Streamlight ultraviolet lights are also used by medical examiners to quickly detect the presence of proteins at crime scenes.

The UV Lights of Choice.

We offer these lights with ultraviolet capabilities: Stylus® UV, Stylus Pro® USB UV, Stinger Switchblade®, and Strion Switchblade®.