Cornerstones of Streamlight


Quality products alone do not necessarily make an organization a great company. It’s a key attribute, but it’s not always enough. Streamlight has identified four cornerstones that drive everything we do:


Streamlight engineering is driven by an understanding of our customers and a dedication to solving their problems. We design flashlights and lanterns that make lives safer and jobs easier. We build those lights to make certain that every part of every product lives up to the Streamlight name you have come to trust. And we support you after the sale with outstanding service and an exceptional warranty.

Materials Management

We are also committed to selecting and stocking all the materials needed to build and fulfill our dealer's product orders in a timely manner. Our materials management program includes stringent environmental waste stream reduction initiatives, because we take all our responsibilities seriously.


Properly building products, testing them to ensure they’ll stand up beyond normal wear and tear, and delivering them when promised requires operational excellence across our entire company. It isn’t easy, but the results are worth the effort.

Sales & Marketing

Our Sales & Marketing team is dedicated to understanding what our customers and dealers around the world want from the Streamlight brand. We engage with our customers in person out in the field as well as through social media, creating targeted programs and products that reflect our real-world training. We also take customer service seriously, with an inside sales department that includes specialists in each of the markets we serve.