New Vantage® 180 Is A Right-Angle Light,
A Helmet Light, And So Much More...

Wear it, hold it, clip it, see it. You'll soon be seeing Streamlight's new Vantage® 180 multi-function flashlight everywhere. It will be worn on helmets, clipped on turn-out gear, and used as a hand-held light. It quickly and easily moves from one use to the next, providing the features and versatility firefighters need and everyone wants.

It has a 250-lumen white light that reaches 170 meters and a 90° angle rotating head. It also has a rear blue LED so you can be seen from behind when worn on a helmet. When clipped to turn-out gear as a right-angle light, the rear LED faces down and becomes a downcast white light to assist in lighting your path.

Firefighters are sure to want this versatile light, but they won’t be the only ones. Because it has so many uses, the Vantage® 180 will soon be in tool kits, garages, closets, and drawers everywhere.
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