"My pit bull puppy chewed up my PolyTac®, but it still works!"

I have a PolyTac® that I love. The problem is my pit bull puppy loves it, too. She got hold of it, twice, and chewed it to ribbons. IT STILL WORKS!!! As a beat cop I won't use anything but your flashlights on the job or at home!

David Nabors
Canyon, TX

"I just bought my second ProTac® after my first one was beaten almost to death."

After 6 years, I finally had to break down and purchase a new Streamlight ProTac® HL 4. I purchased my first Streamlight while working clubs and concert venues. It has for sure been torture-tested. It has fallen off buildings and stages; been run over by police vehicles; dropped on concrete, in a fountain, in mud, in saltwater; and has served me the past four years in a law enforcement capacity.

It has broken windows, was dropped in a pond, used as a door knocker, door stop, and more. Six years later, it has simply seen the end of its life. This light should cost three times as much as I paid for something of this quality.

I am completely blown away by the durability of your lights. For the rest of my career, you can guarantee that I will forever have a Streamlight on my belt!

Deputy Cody Malander
Pinellas Park, FL