The Bandit® is 180 lumens, lightweight, and USB-rechargeable.

The Bandit® is a new, USB-rechargeable headlamp that’s the perfect companion to take along wherever you go, and to have in the house, garage or tool shed for any time you need a bright light. It will illuminate your path, light up an area, and provide just the brightness you need for up-close tasks.

This super bright, low-profile, compact headlamp also clips to a hat and attaches to a pocket. It’s so lightweight, you can run with it and you’ll never know it’s there. Keep one in your glove box or trunk for a tire change or for whenever you arrive in the dark.

The Bandit® has high, low and emergency flash modes, so it really comes in handy time after time. Since it’s USB-rechargeable it will always be ready and waiting, as long as you plug it into a USB port and charge it up for whatever comes your way. For more information on the Bandit®, click here.