Small TLR-6® Weapon Light With Laser Is Getting
Bigger And Bigger.

TLR-6® sales rise as it adapts to fit more handguns including 1911s and Rails.

More and more people today own and carry handguns. They conceal them on their person in a holster, a pouch or a purse. If you have a handgun, you need a gun-mounted light to match. Most people who carry a handgun also want a laser, knowing that a light for identification and a laser for aiming are essential for the times you need to draw your weapon.

Streamlight’s TLR-6® is the gun-mounted light and laser that more people are turning to... for its performance, its low-profile design, and its ability to securely fit so many handguns, from sub-compact to full-size. With our new 1911 and rail mount models, we now offer TLR-6® models for an astounding variety of handguns.

This powerful, 100-lumen white light with red laser fits snug and secure, and it’s no wider than the handgun. The low-profile design means it doesn’t snag when removed from a holster, pouch, purse or even a pocket; and it doesn’t show a shape or “print” under clothing.

A low-profile light like the TLR-6® is the key to concealed carry. With models to fit so many handguns, it’s no wonder TLR-6® sales are growing at such a rapid pace.

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