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streamlight fryer

I've been a volunteer firefighter for more that 15 years. I've bought many Streamlights. I also work in the restaurant repair field, doing HVAC, refrigeration and cooking equipment repairs. Yesterday, I was checking on a freezer, using my flashlight to help me in this process. I sat my flashlight down on the freezer, as I have many times, to make notes. Then it all went wrong (or so I thought).

A cook bumped into the freezer and knocked my flashlight off. It slid into a fryer, which had just cooked a batch of French fries. 350-degree fry oil was consuming my flashlight! I grabbed a towel and retrieved the light. It was TOO HOT to touch. Cooling it down in a bed of ice, I then picked it up in fear it wouldn't work!

I pushed the button, and BAM it came on. I tried each setting and it worked just like always. You guys are the best flashlight builders ever!

Mike Miller
Mount Juliet, TN

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streamlight fryer

streamlight fryer

I carry my ProTac 2AAA every day. On one day in particular it was extremely helpful. My wife went into labor and the hospital room we were in was not setup for delivery nor could the staff find the portable lighting. I was shocked when one of the nurses brought in an old flashlight (maybe 35 lumens). I pulled out my ProTac 2AAA! It gave the doctor enough light to deliver my son Owen!

Thanks for a great product.
George Awtrey Bartlett, TN

For more information on the ProTac® 2AAA, click here.

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