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Your answer should be yes, yes, yes, and yes. Today the most effective marketing strategies use an “omni-channel” approach, appealing to every creature in the advertising jungle who is a potential customer for your business. One impression reinforces the other, and you reach them not just where they live, but wherever they happen to be.

People are constantly on the move. They may have a laptop, a smart phone and their favorite magazines in their knapsack, and you can be right there with them. You can join them in the magazine when they’re relaxing on the beach or when they’re checking the latest industry trends at the office. When they open the laptop to work or for entertainment, you want to be there too.

Of course, you don’t ever want to be an irritant, who nags them wherever they go. Rather, you want to be a handy resource, a friend who’s a good source of information. You need to inform and educate without being preachy. So it’s important you have something to say: news about a product, a promotion, or a new way to look at an existing product. You have a variety of opportunities to talk to new buyers or long-time flashlight users about why Streamlight is such a good value, and you need to do it with all the resources available:


It's still the biggest medium, the "King of the Jungle" with the largest reach and the greatest impact. It tells a story with movement, sound and emotional engagement. When it comes to showcasing a flashlight, there is nothing like actually seeing the light in use and showcasing the quality of the beam on a large screen.

If you find a channel that fits your budget and reaches your demographic, you don’t need to spend big to make a killing.




Readers of certain magazines feel like members of a club who enjoy the graphics, style and content of that publication. They fit snugly behind the cover, like a hunter in camouflage. They take the magazine with them or even pass it along to a friend.

One of the benefits of print is that it provides a larger real estate footprint than digital grabbers like banners or videos. It has staying power. It will not disappear with new content or “refreshment.” The reader tosses a magazine on the table and goes back to it again later to pick up where they left off.

Pick your publications wisely. Print needs to stay exciting and to evolve along with its readers. And, of course, your advertising needs to engage and captivate the readers, and speak in a way that’s relevant to their needs.

streamlightWhether on a desktop, laptop or mobile phone, a digital user can leap at lightning speed from banner to landing page to video to search engine. The path should be well thought out and provide engagement at each lily pad the frog lands on.

Use video to engage viewers and to provide interesting product information. Pick the right key benefits to appeal to their senses. Provide links to your website where viewers can become active buyers. Anything slow or dull will cause the frog to dive into some other more interesting pond of information.


Social media, like Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Instagram provide the opportunity to really engage with customers. You can find out what interests or excites them about your products and inspire them to talk to their friends about those products. You can create loyal fans by answering questions and solving problems. People really appreciate a company that listens to them and responds.

To put these resources to best use, and to truly benefit the brand, you need to use analytics and benchmarks that tell you if the platform is growing, diminishing or plateauing in effectiveness. Be sure to link and share when you find a source that speaks to your audience to mutiply the flock.

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