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Mike Dineen | VP, Sales & Marketing | Streamlight

In many parts of the country we’ll be entering thunderstorm season soon; with those storms, a loss of electricity often follows. Of course, it doesn’t take a storm to knock your power out, so my family is always prepared just in case everything goes dark.

Here are the lights we use around our house during a power failure. I strongly suggest you keep some of these handy at your house… just in case:
Waypoint Siege Knucklehead
What a great hand-held lantern! It’s perfect for seeing distances outside, like if you need to check utility lines or look for fallen tree limbs. Inside, you can set it down and illuminate a whole room. Its handle makes it easy to take it wherever you need; and it lights up everything along the way. The Waypoint comes in a rechargeable version, that we keep fully charged so it’s always ready. This version is also waterproof and floats, so if you have a boat, consider getting one to keep onboard.

Click here for Waypoint® information.
The Siege®
This is also a lightweight lantern, and while it doesn’t throw light as far as the Waypoint, it’s a great area light. It’s easy to hang it upright or inverted; and it will shine 30 hours on high and 2 ½ days on low! It will light up an entire area, inside or out. And if you’re in trouble, it flashes an SOS signal.

Click here for The Siege® information.
With its strong magnet, articulating head, hook, and bright beam, you can hang the Knucklehead almost anywhere and aim the beam right where you need it. You can hang it off a pipe in the basement, for instance, if you need to do some work down there; or hang it or stand it up to light an area for the kids to play in.

Click here for Knucklehead® information.

It’s so small and lightweight (4.1 oz) that you can keep a PolyTac in your pocket. But for its size, the beam is remarkably bright. Each of my kids has one in their bedroom. At least they’re supposed to!

Click here for PolyTac® information.

Stylus Pro® USB
What I love about this powerful penlight is that I can plug it into the USB port in my car and recharge it. Then I just clip it to my pocket so I’m never without a light.

Click here for Stylus Pro® USB information.
Sometimes you just need a hands-free light that will travel with you as you move around the house. Our Enduro headlamp is lightweight, comfortable, and it emits a strong, bright, white light (14.5 lumens on high and 6 lumens on low). It also comes with a clip, so you can wear it as a headlamp or attach it to the brim of your hat, your lapel, or even to the visor in your vehicle.

Click here for Enduro® information.
Of course, you probably won’t need all of these lights; but it’s a good idea to have a lantern, a couple of lights to hang in rooms, and lights you can carry in your pockets. And the time to get them – and make sure everyone knows where they are – is now, before the power goes out.


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