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Stinger LED HL streamlightAuto technicians rely on our flashlights to help them do a thorough, professional job, and for the lights to be ready when needed. They also expect Streamlight to deliver a good value. We've taken an extra step to ensure they can continue to count on Streamlight for all these things by making our most popular automotive lights rechargeable!

USB Your customers have grown accustomed to using the rechargeable Stinger® LED, Strion® LED, Knucklehead® and the Stinger® Lite Pipe. With the addition of the Stylus Pro® USB to our line-up, now all the lights in their toolboxes can be rechargeable.

Auto technicians can have the peace of mind that comes with knowing their lights are always ready. In addition, the savings can really add up when you don't have to keep purchasing batteries, especially for lights that are used often. Make sure your customers know that their favorite lights are now rechargeable … and a better value than ever!




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