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Stinger LED HP


I wanted to thank your company for providing the best flashlights ever. I drop my light – a Stinger DS® LED – every other day in the shop and it has some scratches and a little dent but keeps on working. My boss had forgotten his light – a Stinger® LED HP™ – on a truck. When he backed out it fell and he ran over it. But alas it still works crushed and all. Thanks for a strong product. (I've attached some pics of the mangled-but-still-working lights.)

Matt Skurka
Simi Valley, CA

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Stinger LED HP


My business partner, Branden Grimes, and I are both full time Texas police officers in addition to running our Firearms training company (Hex Tactical Resources). We teach Advanced Law Enforcement Rapid Response Training (ALERRT), which focuses on neutralization of an active shooter, usually in a school environment. We almost always teach it in a low-light format. We both prefer Streamlight tactical lights, not only for the durability, but the intuitive switch operation. We have both run every reliable light on the market and our opinion is that the switch on the Streamlight is the easiest to operate, especially under stress.

This particular TLR-1® was attached to Branden's Glock 17 Sims pistol. He was playing the role of the "active shooter." He was shot at and a Sims round impacted directly in the bezel, breaking it. The light continued to operate flawlessly although, understandably, had a blue hue to it. Amazing!

Mike Pendley
Firearms Instructor / Police Officer

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