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At Streamlight’s booth at the recent National Tactical Oficers Association (NTOA) Conference (September 22- 23 in Kansas City, MO), there was a lot of interest in our HL tactical lights. The officers and SWAT team members who came by expressed the idea that more light means more advantages in low-light situations. And more light is exactly what our HL tactical lights are all about. Streamlight’s Stinger® LED HL™, Strion® LED HL™, TLR-1 HL® and TLR-2 HL® drew lots of attention and interest.
The new ProTac HL® Headlamp (our first high lumen headlamp) made its debut at the conference, and attendees were excited at the prospect of having a hands-free headlamp with a wide-spreading, ultra-bright beam (540 lumens) that illuminates an entire area.
Our new TLR-2® G, the green laser version, was also presented, and many officers felt there was a real need for this quality tactical rail light that has an integrated green laser and is visible even in bright sunlight.
As always, the conference was a great opportunity to talk to the people on the front lines who use our lights to protect and serve.

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