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The ProTac HL® Headlamp Features a Super-Bright 540 Lumen Beam that Illuminates an Entire Area

Our High Lumen (HL) flashlights (featuring wide-spreading ultra-bright beams of 500 – 600+ lumens) were so well received that it seemed natural to take the HL concept into hands-free headlamps. Introducing the new ProTac HL® Headlamp, a hands-free light with a beam that is bright enough and wide enough to light up a whole room or an entire area.

Since the intense brightness of 540 lumens and 7,400 candela (high) is not always needed, the headlamp has two other intensity settings: 95 lumens / 1,200 candela on medium; and 18 lumens / 250 candela on low. The ProTac HL Headlamp features Ten-Tap™ programming with 3 programs: high/medium/low; high only; low/medium/high.
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