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Corporate ID

Booklet Provides Guidelines For Using Brand ID

A company’s brand image is one of its most important and valuable resources. Making sure that the company logo and any brand identification are used consistently and correctly is a major way of protecting and preserving the brand and all that it represents.

Streamlight has recently made some minor modifications to its logo and how it’s used. The changes are in the typography, and the revision was done to make the name Streamlight more readable in a variety of sizes. As our messaging appears in more varied media, it’s become more important that our logo is clear and prominent no matter the size. 

To ensure our logo is used properly on all materials, we’ve produced a new Corporate Identity Guide.

The Guide provides examples of how to use the beam icon, logotype, Streamlight color palette, and even how to use the logo without the visual icon when space is restricted. Please refer to the Guide when producing anything that uses our brand image. Download a copy by clicking here.

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