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Videos can be a big help in many sales situations. They are great tools for providing powerful information about Streamlight or simply explaining product features.

To help you, Streamlight has put together a whole library of videos for your use on a variety of topics. There's everything from Streamlight TV commercials and informative videos on many of our products, to interviews with various industry experts.

The videos are available to hyperlink and share, or download and use in your own presentations through or the Distributor Support Site within Also, some sales situations may require a high resolution video; these are available by request.

The following information was prepared to help you access, download or embed Streamlight videos.

Visit Streamlight's video channel at Once you find the video you want, copy and share the direct URL address from your browser, or from the "Share" option below the video. You can also hyperlink this address in PowerPoint to make it part of a presentation.
Embedding a YouTube Video on a Website
If you want to make a video part of a website (as we've done on, follow these steps:

  1. Find the video on YouTube
  2. Click the Share link under the video
  3. Click the Embed link
  4. Copy the code provided in the expanded box
  5. Paste the code into your website or blog
Place a Product Training Video
Next To The Product You're Selling
If you sell Streamlight products through an online store, place a link to a product training video next to the product. It's been known to double sales! It's like letting customers touch the product and see the beam.






Distributor Support Site Videos
Many of our more recent videos are also available on the Distributor Support Site as low resolution MP4 files. These are universal video files that should work on just about any device and are ideal if you'll be viewing it on a computer, tablet, or cell phone.

To access the Distributor Support Site, go to or click on Dealer Login at the bottom of You will need a username and password to enter. If you are unable to log in, Click Here for assistance and enter your account number to request one from the webmaster.

Once on the site, choose Video from the menu. When you find the video(s) you want, click the Download button to save it to your computer.

Embedding a MP4 Video File in a PowerPoint
powerpoint video
To make a video part of your PowerPoint presentation, follow these steps:

  1. Save the MP4 file on your computer from the Distributor Support Site
  2. Open the PowerPoint presentation, and click on your selected slide
  3. Go to Insert, Movies and Sounds and click on Movie from File
  4. Select the MP4 video to insert and click Ok
High Resolution Videos
A high resolution file will give you a clearer video if you are burning a disc and projecting the video, or if you want to loop it for continuous play. To get a high resolution video file, contact Loretta Grobaker at or at 610.631.0600, ext. 8777. We'll either send it by email, internet transfer, or we'll mail a disc. (Please note that a high resolution file will take up a good bit of memory.)
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