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Streamlight kicked off 2013 at January's SHOT Show by introducing more new products than at any time in the company's history. The new products were met with great enthusiasm by show attendees, most of whom asked how soon the products would be available.

One of the reasons for the high volume of new products is Streamlight's new High Lumen (HL) lights which compliment the High Performance (HP) and tradition models. The HL series are extremely bright lights (500 – 600+ lumens) that have a wide, side-to-side beam that illuminates an entire area. The HP series are designed to throw light a long distance up ahead. The tradition series are an optimal blend of lumens and candela with the longest run times. (Click Here to learn more about our beams.)

There are now HL lights in the ProTac®, Stinger®, Strion® and TLR® families. You'll find HP lights in the Stinger®, Strion®, and TLR® product lines.

New and updated products that premiered at SHOT include:
Stinger LED HL & DS LED HL Stinger LED HP
Stinger® LED HL™ & Stinger® DS LED HL™
640 lumens
22,000 candela
297 meter beam distance
DS LED HL Model: Dual switches:
one on the head and one on the tailcap.
Stinger® LED HP & Stinger DS® LED HP
350 lumens
56,000 candela
473 meter beam distance
Lite Pipe
Stinger® Lite Pipe™
An ultra-thin rechargeable work light with a removable, rotating hook so it can hang almost anywhere.
8 LEDs, 220 lumens
Available as a kit to convert exisiting incandescent Stingers.*
* For use with models with black switch housings manufactured after 2002
Strion LED HL Stinger Classic LED
Strion® LED HL™
500 lumens
10,000 candela
200 meter beam distance
Stinger® Classic LED
So many people loved the size, shape and feel of the original Stinger, so we brought it back as a powerful, rechargeable LED flashlight.
390 lumens
13,200 candela
230 meter beam distance
TLR-1® HL™
630 lumens
12,000 candela
219 meter beam distance
TLR-® 2 HL™
With Red Laser
630 lumens
12,000 candela
219 meter beam distance
TLR-2 G Game Spotter
TLR-2® G
Includes a green laser (instead of red) for visibility in daylight.
200 lumens
6,300 candela
159 meter beam distance
TLR-1® Game Spotter™
A long-gun/long-range green LED light that preserves night vision and won't spook game.
150 lumens
31,000 candela
352 meter beam distance
The Logo The Logo®
New keychain light weighs less than ½ oz. with batteries.
Three light levels and a blink mode.
10 lumens

In addition to new products introduced at SHOT, several lights have been upgraded and reintroduced, including:

Strion LED Strion LED
Strion® LED
Also over 40% brighter with 260 lumens/10,000 candela/200 meter beam distance
Strion® LED HP
Now more than 40% brighter with 275 lumens/40,000 candela/400 meter beam distance
Stinger LED and DS LED

Stinger® LED and Stinger DS® LED
Both lights are now brighter with 350 lumens/24,000 candela on high;
175 lumens/12,000 candela on medium
85 lumens/6,000 candela on low; and a
310 meter beam distance

TLR-1® and TLR-1®s (with strobe)
Now 300 lumens
12,000 candela
219 meter beam distance

TLR-2® and TLR-2®s (with strobe)
Both have an integrated laser
300 lumens
12,000 candela
219 meter beam distance
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