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LED Twin-Task® 3AA
  • Tecnología LED C4® con 50,000 horas de vida útil Tres LED blancos ultrabrillantes con 100,000 horas de vida útil.
  • 2 modos:
    LED C4: intensidad máxima del haz de 2283 candelas, 100 lúmenes, 5.75 horas de funcionamiento
    3 LED: intensidad máxima del haz de 467 candelas, 33 lúmenes, 34 horas de funcionamiento
  • Clasificación IPX4 para funcionamiento en contacto con el agua. Todas las aberturas selladas con junta tórica. Resistencia a caídas de un metro probada. Cordón para la muñeca.

    3AA ProPolymer® HAZ-LO® 7 LED
    • A cluster of seven 5mm LEDs provide a soft, wide beam for tasks at arm’s length and other up-close task lighting
      • Ultra-bright white LEDs provide 57 lumens; 500 candela; 45m beam distance; runs 24 hours
    • High-performance, anti-static, thermoplastic material resistant to chemicals and solvents
    • "Captured locking" set screw will not back out - prevents FOD (Foreign Object Debris)
    • Safety measure: Set screw helps to avoid batteries being changed out, or the housing inadvertently being opened in a hazardous environment

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