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The Siege® family just got brighter! Jackie Bushman lights the way with his new Super Siege® lantern. The rechargeable, 1,100 lumen Super Siege® provides an auxiliary USB power source to charge mobile devices or other Streamlight products. The 8800mAH lithium ion battery capacity gives up to 4 full charges for most smartphones.

See what's ahead of you and right in front of your feet with the 3AA ProPolymer Dualie. Its bright light, which shines both ahead of you and downward, helps you avoid slips, trips and falls.

¡Streamlight está ahí para todas aventuras que no pueden esperar a que salga el sol!

You never know when you're going to need a really good light, either for your garage or in your vehicle. Lights featured in this video: -Knucklehead® -Stylus Pro® USB -Double Clutch™ USB Headlamp

Como saben Hal y Greg, de Drop Zone, las linternas de Streamlight son tan duras como usted en sus sueños más locos, y tenemos la luz adecuada para cualquier tarea.

¡A veces, los tipos grandes necesitan luces grandes para su trabajo!

Vea nuestro anuncio más reciente sobre la Siege® Lantern.
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