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Stylus® IR
  • Body available in Olive Drab Green
  • High-intensity 100,000 hour LED available in Infrared (880nm).
  • Light Output IR: 12 mW/sr measured system output.

    Sidewinder Compact®
    • Available in the following models and light configurations:
      Military Model – White/Red/IR-IFF/Blue (starts on low & progressively brightens)
      Aviation Model – White/Green/IR-IFF/Blue (starts on low & progressively brightens)
      Medical Model – White/Red/IR-IFF/Blue (starts on low & progressively brightens)
      Sportsman Model – White/Red/Green/Blue (starts on high & progressively dims)
    • Team Soldier Certified Gear (Military Model only)
    • Twenty flashlights in one! Engineered to meet a variety of hands-free task illumination requirements.
    • Each LED features 4 levels of output intensities: Low (5%); Medium 1 (25%); Medium 2 (60%); High (100%); plus a Strobe function (100%)

      • Xenon gas-filled bi-pin bulb with 30-hour life; spare bulb in tailcap
      • Adjustable focus beam
      • Up to 11,000 candela (peak beam intensity); 90 lumens

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