• Lightweight, compact, low profile design easily attaches/detaches above or below brim on fire helmets, industrial helmets and hard hats
  • C4® LED delivers 7,000 candela peak beam intensity; 115 lumens; 167 meter beam distance
  • Run 6 hours to the 10% output level
  • Features an ultra-bright blue taillight LED

PolyTac® Helmet Lighting Kit
  • Kit includes:
    • PolyTac with lithium batteries
    • Streamlight Helmet Mount
    • Rubber Helmet Strap
  • PolyTac specs:
    • C4® LED technology within a parabolic reflector produces a concentrated beam with optimum peripheral illumination
    • TEN-TAP® Programming: Choice of three operating modes: 1.) high/strobe/low (factory default); 2.) high only; 3.) low/high
    • Solid State power regulation provides maximum light output throughout battery life

Survivor® LED
  • Available in rechargeable and alkaline models
  • Features C4® LED technology with four lighting modes
  • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces narrow beam; ideal for smoke-cutting applications. Optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation
  • Spring loaded clip with built-in ring easily attaches to belts and harnesses.

Knucklehead® Spot
  • Shockproof C4® premium LED technology combined with a deep dish parabolic reflector produces a focused beam for longer distances – 210 meters on high beam.
  • Durable spring-loaded clip for easy attachment to turnout gear and uneven surfaces
  • Features a 210 degree articulating head that rotates a full 360 degrees

    Portable Scene Light
    • Six C4® LED and wide reflectors produce a uniform flood pattern
    • Three user-selectable outputs: High, Medium, and Low
    • Selectable diffuser settings for two beam widths
    • Optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting; 90° swivel neck allows you to aim the beam where you need it for task lighting

    Fire Vulcan® LED
    • C4® LED, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hr lifetime
    • Light Output:
      • High: 80,000 candela peak beam intensity; 145 lumens; 566m beam distance; runs 3 hours
      • Low: 40,000 candela peak beam intensity; 70 lumens; runs 6 hours
    • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a tight beam with optimum peripheral illumination to aid in navigation; Optimized electronics provide regulated intensity
    • Ultra-bright blue taillight LEDs make certain you can be seen even in thick smoke
    • 8 programmable switch functions

    E-Spot® FireBox®
    • 3 C4® LEDs and deep dish parabolic reflectors to produce a large spot pattern
    • Dual rear LEDs ensure you can be seen whether you are coming or going
    • 2 levels of lighting:
      High – 55,000 candela peak beam intensity; 540 lumens
      Low – 32,000 candela peak beam intensity; 330 lumens
    • The Standard System includes both AC and DC charger cords, a charge rack and shoulder strap

      E-Flood® FireBox®
      • Six (6) C4® LEDs, impervious to shock with a 50,000 hour lifetime
      • Toggle switch and two (2) user programmable ultra bright blue tail-light LEDs
      • 6 wide pattern parabolic reflectors produce a smooth flood pattern
      • Jumper selectable high or low setting to allow higher light output or longer run time

        H.I.D. LiteBox® Standard System
        • Deep-dish parabolic reflector produces a long range high intensity focused, one million candela peak beam intensity beam
        • Optimum peripheral illumination for scene lighting; 90° swivel neck allows you to aim the beam where you need it for optimum task lighting
        • 35 Watt H.I.D Xenon lamp: 3350 Lumens, 1,000,000 candela peak beam intensity; 2000 hr. min. lifetime
        • Runs 1.75 hrs, indefinite run time when using 12V DC power cord

          • Pistol-grip spotlight features 3 modes: High, low, strobe
          • C4® LED Illumination Output:
            High - 115,000 candela peak beam intensity/210 lumens
            Low - 10,000 candela peak beam intensity/20 lumens
          • Runtime (using alkaline batteries):
            High – 8.5 hours
            Low or Strobe - 120 hours
            Unlimited runtime using 12V DC power cord
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