Product Specific Videos

3AA HazLo

Argo HP

Buckmaster Camo Trident


Jackie Bushman describes how Steamlight's green LED lights are the best for your hunt. Stylus, ClipMate, Buckmasters Twin-Task 2L, Buckmasters Trident headlamp.

Upgrades of 3 headlamps: Septor LED, Argo LED and Trident LED.

ProTac HL® Headlamp


You never know when a power failure could leave you in the dark. Prepare for the upcoming storm season with a Streamlight.

Trident HP/Buckmasters Trident HP

Trident Xenon/LED Headlamp (Buckmasters Camo Trident)

General Series Videos

Explains the three key beam patterns and their differences

C4 Technology

Camo Series

An introduction to ANSI/NEMA FL-1 Standards

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight explain lumens and candela.

Michael Bane and Bobby Knight discuss how you can depend on Streamlight in critical situations

Three decades ago, Streamlight® created its first 5 million candela flashlight for the space program. Today, Streamlight is still lighting the way for superior quality, performance and innovation.
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