Streamlight Rechargeables... An Innovation That Saves Lives, As Well As Money!

Like the professionals who use them, Streamlight rechargeable lights are always ready to go the distance. They’re simply placed in their chargers at the end of each shift so they’re fully charged at the start of each day.

Unlike a standard D-cell flashlight, you can depend on a Streamlight rechargeable to work instantly in even the harshest conditions, and to keep on working for years with the same battery.

The #1 Choice of Professionals Everywhere

Streamlight created the very first high-intensity halogen rechargeable light. We were first on the scene, and we’re still first with professionals all over the world.

More Powerful, More Economical

A Streamlight rechargeable can be charged up to 1,000 times, and it packs a lot more power than a D-cell. Consider the power generated by the UltraStinger®, which produces 35,000 candlepower but fits in a case 12” long and weighs just one pound. Or the Strion®, with Lithium Ion battery technology that packs 12,000 candlepower into a 5.3" package and weighs less than 5 ounces! And only Streamlight rechargeables come with universal cords that can attach to any Streamlight charger.

Our rechargeables are infinitely more dependable than D-cell flashlights, and more cost-effi cient. Over the average 4-year life of a Streamlight rechargeable, you’ll save more than $300 in disposable batteries.

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