LED and C4® LED

Streamlight Takes LED Technology To A Whole New Level

Streamlight has played a major role in adapting LED technology to portable lighting tools. Basic LEDs provide a number of significant advantages:

  • LEDs use less power so the batteries last longer
  • LEDs have an almost infinite life - between 50,000 and 100,000 hours
  • LEDs are virtually unbreakable since there is no glass or filament.
  • LEDs are available in colors that are specially designed for specific applications. The red LED is used for night vision. The green LED, is a favorite of outdoor enthusiasts because in addition to protecting night vision, it won't spook wild game, and can be seen from far distances. The "cool" blue LED is a favorite among forensic investigators.

C4® Technology Leaves Other LEDs In The Dark.

Streamlight's C4 LED produces brilliant, powerful, blinding light that is brighter than a high-intensity LED. Our Streamlight-engineered reflector creates an intense beam that pierces the darkness. You get the long run times and indestructibility of an LED combined with an increased level of brightness that leaves other LEDs in the dark.

Streamlight has also blazed new trails in the size and shape of LED flashlights. First, we created the Stylus®, which features a high intensity LED in a lightweight penlight. Then we put a flexible cable on the "pen," making the Stylus Reach®, a very handy tool for investigators, bomb technicians, firearms instructors, auto mechanics, and anyone who needs to snake a light into tight locations.

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